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  Taipei Hostel FAQs

Q: Is the Taipei Hostel safe?

A: The Taipei Hostel is very safe. Many of the residents are teachers and students who often spend years here studying and working together. As a result, the ex-pats community tends to be rather inclusive and caring. If you have any questions or concerns, just ask someone who's been here awhile. You will learn more from them then you can from any book (or website). The threat of petty crime exists anywhere there is opportunity, so you should by habit keep your vauables either on your person or secured in your locker or room. If you still feel concerned, the manager will be happy to store your valuables for you in her private room.

Q: Is Taiwan equally safe?

A: Taiwan is one of the safest places in the world. Violent crimes against tourists is unheard of. You can walk the streets of any Taiwanese city, at any time of the day and night, and never have to fear for your safety. Talk to other foreigners around town and you will hear the same thing. Begging and panhandling are equally rare, although you might see some individuals with severe physical injuries quietly sitting next to a box in an underpass or near the Taipei Main Station hoping for a donation. Others sell chewing gum and special lottery tickets to make money. The elderly collect recyclables. The Taiwanese are calm polite people who abhore the violence they see elsewhere in the world. Police are everywhere in Taipei, although they seem to spend most of their time issuing traffice tickets. That said, if you do go out looking for trouble you will eventually find it. The only tourists who have ever been harmed were ones who got drunk at a bar, got violent with a local, and were beaten up by the guy's friends when he left.


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