Taipei Hostel Dormitory Rooms

The Taipei Hostel has four different types of accommodations: dorm beds, single rooms, double rooms and group rooms. Click here if you are ready to make a reservation.

Dormitory Rooms

Dormitories offer privacy in a relaxed social setting. Something unique to Taipei Hostel is that it's dorm beds have curtains which allow for privacy a relaxed environment. Fans are provided for each dorm bed for your comfort and air-conditioning is FREE and turned on nightly as the weather dictates.

These rooms providing plenty of sunlight throughout the day.

 Dormitory beds and rooms can be reserved for one night or longer. There are sixteen beds in three different rooms, males and females are in seperate dorm rooms, and each room has a full bathroom with private water heater. There is also a refrigerator and a locker for each bed built into a wall. Group booking discounts are available, please contact the manager.

The cheapest hostel in Taipei.

The monthly rate is 7500 NT per month.

Room features:

  •  Clean single dorm bed with a fan and curtain.
  •  Linen change available on demand.
  •  A number of shared bathrooms cleaned and sanitized daily.
  •  Access to free wi-fi internet and shared computer in living room.
  •  Living room with TV and rooftop socializing areas. Dormitory Room •
  • Kitchen and laundry facilities. • Shared fridges with plenty of space •
  • Large locker storage, enough room to store luggage comfortably.