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Taipei area parks

Yanmingshan National Park

Widely considered one of the crown jewels of Taiwanese parks, Yangminshan is located just north of Taipei and is easily reached by bus or car/motorcycle. The beautiful scenery is a welcome relief for weary urban residents and the park is often packed in the spring when the cherry trees and native azaleas bloom.

Besides breathtaking views of the mountains and Taipei, Yangminshan has some wonderful hiking and cycling trails and a number of hot spring baths (some offer free admission and as a result are often too crowded to really enjoy.

Beitou is the place to go for the best hot spring baths). There are a number of decent hotels and a couple of restaurants in the park itself, as well as some convenience stores near the only bus station, so you won't starve. Many visitors bring their own food and packing a few bottles of water is strongly advised, especially in the summer. Be sure to check out the beautifully maintained villa once owned by Chiang Kai-shek. Maps of all the local sites can be found at the various visitor centers.
Yanminshan National Park is located in a valley surrounded on all sides by mountains
The staff at the Taipei Hostel can help you make any reservations that you might need. There is a direct bus line to the mountain from the nearby Taipei Main Station. Weekends and holidays are when the park is most crowded.  

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