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Things to do in Northern Taiwan


Just an hour north of Taipei, Beitou is known for one thing: its hot spring baths. Some of the finest hot spring baths in the world! There are so many places to bathe that they have been recently classified by water type: green (corrosive), white (acidic) and redish (alkaline). The sulfur and mineral contents is credited with relieving everything from muscle pain and arthritis to skin and mental disorders. Hot spring baths have been popular for centuries, and the abundance of bath houses and resorts makes this part of the city an ideal place to visit. Beitou even has its own branch of the MRT, making it extremely excessable from Taipei. Development has exploded with the coming of the MRT; do not expect to find a quaint little village. Hot spring baths are big business and attractions range in price from free to expensive. Lodging is expensive so plan on staying for just the day. There is a hot spring museum (pictured at right) and local park as well. One of the more notable highlites is Geothermal Valley. Bubbling water too hot to bathe in and sulfurous fumes have reminded more than one visitor of a trip to a benign part of hell. Ask the staff at the Taipei hostel for more information on how to get there. There are package tours, including bathing and eating. If you require help setting up such a tour, please give the staff enough time to make the arrangements.

Fulong Beach

Fulong Beach is considered the best beach in Northern Taiwan and is easily reached by train, bus or bicycle. It is a popular spot with foreigners intent on camping or just getting away from the city for an afternoon of fun.

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