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Taipei Temples

Temples in Taiwan are more than just places of worship. They are the true sources of political power on the island. What country clubs are to Western businessmen, temples are to the Taiwanese. Temples have wealth, power and prestige. They can mobilize massive numbers of supporters almost immediately. No politican can survive without their support. A visit to some of Taipei's many temples is an opportunity to peer inside the heart of the nation. A night before any big examination the temples will be packed with parents praying fervently. Temples range in size from huge to tiny and can be found throughout the city. Here is a brief list of some of the best known temples in Taipei.

Longshan Temple

Longshan Temple (a.k.a. Lungshan) is considered the temple in Taipei. There are two Longshan Temples in Taiwan and both are definitely worth visiting. Longshan Temple in Taipei is a must-see for any tourist even slightly interested in traditional Chinese temple architecture.

Easily reached by way of the MRT, Longshan temple is almost 300 years old and very well preserved. The continually burning incense and hypnotic chanting of the worshippers adds an other-worldly feel to the place. Complete with waterfall and extensively detailed carvings, Longshan Temple is home to a variety of Gods (165 at last count), including Guanyin (goddess of mercy) and Matsu (goddess of the sea).

  Longshan Temple

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