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Taipei Temples

Confuscius Temple

The first thing you notice about this temple is its non-descript nature. It lacks the extensive decor that is so synonymous with the other Chinese temples scattered about the island. The Confucius Temple is simple yet elegant.
This makes sense as the temple is dedicated to one of China's most revered educators and scholars; Confucius. Confucius is well known in the west, but mostly by name only. Confucius championed education for all, not just for the elites. He believed in simplicity and it is reflected in this temple. There are no stone lion statues flanking the entrance nor inscriptions on the walls, doors and windows. There are no statues of the man, only tablets. The courtyard of the Confucius Temple(This is because an emperor became so upset with the inconsistency of the carvings at the various temples throughout China that he decreed that only tablets be used instead). This temple is relatively new as original was extensively damaged during the Japanese revolt and had to be rebuilt in 1928. For anyone interested in learning about Confucius, a visit to this temple is a must, especially on September 28 when his birthday is widely celebrated. (But make sure to purchase your tickets in advance as this event is always sold out). This temple is a short bus ride from the hostel.

  Confuscius Temple

Hsing Tien Temple

This is a large and intricate temple is dedicated to a famous Chinese General who is now deified as the God of War. The Hsing Tien Temple was built in 1967His red-faced image can be seen throughout Taiwan striking a rather vicious pose with a huge sword in his hand. But his appearance in many offices is mainly because he was reportedly adept at managing finance and is seen by many as the God of Money. The Hsing Tien Temple is one of the busiest temples in Taiwan. The main reason for visiting this temple, besides admiring the impressive architecture, is to have your fortune told by one of the many fortune tellers that congregate in the area. The temple is easily reached by bus from the hostel.
  Hsing Tien Temple

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